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Posted on: June 16, 2023

MSD Project Clear Improvement Program - Rate Proposals Update

MSD Project Clear is hosting a public meeting on March 27, 2024 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Fenton City Hall, 625 New Smizer Mill Rd. for you to learn, and ask questions about, two ballot issues on April 2, 2024 which will affect wastewater and stormwater rates for all of our residents:

MSD Project Clear is in the midst of an improvement program agreement with the EPA and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. MSD Project Clear will place two ballot issues before voters on April 2, 2024 - Proposition W & Proposition S.


will decide whether MSD Project Clear (MSDPC) will issue bonds, borrowing part of the funds needed for the next four years of required wastewater system improvements. The work must be done to protect more households from sewage backups and more sewage entering creeks and streams, so this question only asks voters how they want to fund these improvements.

  • A “YES” vote on Prop W allows MSDPC to sell bonds and spread out the cost of the work. Like a home loan, it means you pay less now, but more over the long term. Monthly bills will rise an average of 7% if voters approve Prop W.
  • A “NO” vote on Prop W means MSDPC will pay for the improvements entirely through current revenues. This will result in steeper monthly rate increases, as much as 35% in some years ahead if voters reject Prop W. Although rates rise much higher initially, the work will cost less in the long term.

Click on this flyer link to view information on PROP W


will decide whether voters want MSDPC to address region-wide flooding and erosion problems fueled by climate change.  There is currently no funding for these regional improvements.

  • A “YES” vote on Prop S allows MSDPC to begin addressing thousands of known flooding and erosion problems across St. Louis City and County. The typical customer will pay $25 per year in additional property tax if voters approve Prop S.
  • A “NO” vote on Prop S means MSDPC will not provide new stormwater services to address regional flooding and erosion problems. Customers will pay no additional costs.

Click on this flyer link to view information on PROP S

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