Yard Waste

Yard waste is primarily composed of lawn clippings, leaves and small brush. These itesm can be beneficial to yards if they are "composted" properly. Compost will add organic matter to the soil, reduce the need for fertilizer adn increase water holding ability during dry spells. Master gardeners pay premium prices for good compost because they recognize the value it adds to their gardens.

Fenton residents are encouraged to mulch and compost to keep yard waste to a minimum. Another service provided by the City of Fenton to its residents is the Lawn Debris Program. Fenton yard waste is collected weekly all year long, when placed in proper containers. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, plant trimmings, weeds and branches. Please keep all other material, such as animal waste, trash, and rocks out of the bio-degradable lawn waste bags. Each bag much have an orange trash overflow/yard waste sticker. The stickers may be purchased at RiverChase or City Hall for $1.00 each

Branches, sticks and limbs must be bundled with natural fiber twine. Each bundle must be no larger than four (4) feet in length by eighteen (18) inches in diameter and may not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds. These will be collected at no charge to City residents. No sticker is required. Roots and shrubs containing root balls are not accepted.

Live Christmas trees will be collected providing they are free of all decorations, including tinsel.

Cut It High and Let It Lie

Grass clippings contain many of the ingredients of fertilizer. By allowing your grass to grow slightly higher and cutting it slightly more often, you can fertilize your grass every time you mow. A mulching lawnmower is very efficient at this chore. Grass clippings decompose quickly and pass nutrients into the soil and roots of the existing grass. In small quantities, leaves can be mulched and left on the yard to provide the same benefits as grass clippings.

Backyard Composting

All organic waste will decompose over time. Simple containers or open piles for yard waste are the least labor and time-consuming ways to compost. As weeds, grass clippings and leaves are collected they can be added to the container or pile. Composting bins can be purchased or build to speed up the process and make your compost area more attractive.