Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Private and semi-private swim lessons are available at RiverChase. If anyone needs more than what group lessons offer consider giving private lessons a try. Private lessons are also great for adults wanting to learn to swim. Dates, times and instructors can be scheduled to fit your needs. Lessons are 30 minutes. Stop by RiverChase or call 636-343-0067 for more information or to sign up. 

*Prices vary by instructor

Group Swim Lessons

Preschool Aquatics (ages 3-5)

Students become comfortable in the water, getting their faces wet and jumping in with assistance, as well as basic safety rules.

Level I : Introduction to Water Skills

Ages 5 and up students learn fundamentals of floating, basic arm and leg movements for crawl stroke and jumping in unassisted.

Level II: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Ages 5 and up students build on skills from level 1 while learning to combine arm, leg, and rotary breathing for the crawl stroke and well as the arm and leg movements for backstroke.

Level III: Beginner Stroke Development

Ages 6 and up students build on skills from level 2 while focusing more on the skills to get student ready for stroke development and improvement.

Stroke Development and Improvement

Students will work to improve their endurance and refine the crawl stroke and backstroke. Continue work on breaststroke and learn the butterfly.

Swimming instructor and kids in pool for swim lessons